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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

What a view

I love looking out of the mobile window and seeing the alpacas sunbathing, they love to roll in the spot just under the window as it is got very little grass!! and is nice and dusty. It feels like they want to be close to us and chill out.

They stretch out and chill :-)

They seem to take it in turn sharing the best spot

Cosmo is well on the mend, but has had his purple foot exchanged for a very fetching blue vet wrap bandage, as we have had quite a bit of rain we were worried he may get mud in the wound and re-infect it all over again.

Weve had quite a few thunder storms and with heavy rain, which is good for the grass, we desperately need it to grow!!

Having been made redundant last October from the County Council it still feels very strange getting to see the different changes in the weather, as I have always worked in an office, so it was only when I came home did I see what the weather was like.

Feels even stranger (but I love it) sat carding, spinning, knitting and felting while watching the alpacas out of the window and day time TV. Feel a bit guilty at times as I feel I should be working and cant quite get my head around the fact we are living our dream, and the spinning etc is now part of my new job!! Never been much of a knitter or anything like that, but am learning as I go lol.

Just need to sell some items and sell some girls (but thats the bit I dread).

We count ourselves very lucky getting the chance to live our dream and have alpacas as part of our lives.


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