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Monday, 16 May 2011

Nice warm living cushion

Thought I would just share with you a montage picture of our dogs, Angel our eldest German Shepherd serves as a nice warm compfy resting place for Midge & Millie our jack russells, they take it in turn (and sometimes fall out over who's turn it is!!)

But angel dont seem to mind lol

All quite on the alpaca front, all happily eating and sleeping, we have about 4 weeks until we are expecting any new arrivals, but I keep looking at them, they are suppose to be pregnant, they are all still spitting off and taking no notice of the stud boys in the paddock next to them, but with all their fleece on I'm not totally convinced. Would love to have a scanner, but am afraid thats on the wish list at the moment there's more important things on the list for expenditure!!

I have seen a couple of times what I think is a baby moving around inside mum, what sometimes looks like a sharp kick. But its over so quickly I wonder if I am seeing things??

Well once they have had their fleece taken of maybe I will be able to see more baby bumps, but some of them seem to be able to hide it really well. Oh well I suppose will have to wait and see.


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