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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

A Diversion from the Knitting & Spining

Well the plans were to do some spinning & knitting this morning, but there has been some furry creatures diverting my attention and for once it wasnt the alpacas!!

These furry creatures, have cute little faces, sharp claws and scamper around everywhere!

Have you guessed what they are?

Well it is ................................

Yes its kittens, we have four adorable kittens now 6 weeks old and causing mayhem around the home!!

You cant help but stop and watch them :-)

Well they do eventually wear themselves out and go off to find the milk bar.

So its back to work and more excuses!!


Judi said...

Ahhhhh! They look almost as cute as baby alpacas but bet they make a mess when they get their paws on that fleece!!

Cotswold Vale Alpacas said...

Yes we have to keep the fleece bags tied up otherwise they get inside and make a terrible mess, but they are so funny to watch when they have their funny five minutes (except at three o'clock in the morning when mum brings then in something to play with!!