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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Scaley toes

We have just been doing our girls toe nails in readyiness for shearing at the weekend, and a couple of the girls have some scaley sking between their toes and just above their toes!! None of them are sore or bleeding but just have white flaky skin there.

Advice needed - do I call the vet or can I treat myself, any adivce - recommendations welcome.




Llama Karma said...

could be mite, we use cream or olive oil between toes routinely as a preventative measure. If we find missing fibre just above the foot we also rub cream on that too. In the past we have added a couple of drops of pour on wormer (ivomec classic) to the oil or cream if we have had a mite problem.

Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

I agree it could be a mite issue, are they itching?

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I wondered if it was mites. They dont seem to be overly scratching. And we didnt see it until we got up close and personal to do their toes nails.

Its not sore or weeping, just the skin is dry, wrinkly and flaky.

I was hoping to treat myself, as we dont have a local vet that knows alpacas so the vet we use travels quite a distance and it costs over £100 just to get him here before we have even started with the treatment.

Obviously I dont want them to suffer and if I do have to call the vet I will.

Have done a bit of research, but its always better to get adviced from people with experience.

Many thanks


Judi said...

Might be worth spraying their feet with Frontline. There was an article in Alpaca World a while back that suggested this as an effective way to rid the herd of mites plus injecting with Ivomec at the same time. You can probably find the article if you look on the website of alpacaseller!.

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

We have found Nettex udder cream assisted healing facial crusty scabs after loss of fleece due to mites. Only thing with feet would be that it's quite thick so dirt would stick to it, but then the stickiness helps it to stay in place. If applying to their feet is difficult because they are tetchy, Ruggles Stop-it-all can be made into a solution which you spray on (while they do a Mexican hat dance!)