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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Gone but not forgotten

Cant believe its 4 years today that Dad lost his brave battle with cancer. I still think to myself I must ask Dad, then suddenly realise he's not here to ask.

It had to be hardest time of my life. We nursed him at home, me, my sister and brother.

There are times I never wish to remember, but there are times I will never forget. It was an honour to help nurse him at home, and to let him leave this world surrounded by his loving family.

It was a time of great sadness and tears, but also a time memories, laughter and remanising.

It was a time to talk with him about all things we never thought to talk about before. He knew he was going to leave us and he had been preparing, he organised a CD of memories for us.

Hard as it was we talked about his funeral and he was able to tell us exactly what he wanted, right down to the music to take him into and say farewell to. Again it was an honour to fulfill his final wishes.

So here is a special picture that means so much to me and a date I will never forget.

A special date I share with my Dad. 31st May.

31st May 1980, the day my Dad gave me away at my wedding and the 31st May 2007 the day of his funeral and our final farewell.

So a date that has the happiest and saddest memories.

My Dad, miss you, love you and will never forget you.

Your loving daughter Ginnie

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Judi said...

Your blog brought a lump to my throat as it reminded me how difficult it was losing my own father. Hope that 31st isn't too sad a day for you.