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Saturday, 2 July 2011

No babies yet & Millies Puppies

Well we are still waiting for an alpaca birth, we have several on the radar, and I think the big boys are sensing this as they have started to fight over who is getting closer to the fence (and the girls!!).

Would be great to have a few babies for visitors to see at our Open Day next week.

But even nicer if we have one today as it is my sisters birthday and I sure she would be so pleased to have one born on her birthday.

But we all know alpacas, and they wont come until they are properly cooked.

Millie and her pups are doing really well, they are very active and so, so noisy! but at least we know they are healthy.

She still wont let go of her cuddly toy though!! I take it out! she puts it back! lol

Well hopefully my next blog will be news of new arrivals (X fingers crossed X)


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