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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Naughty BG's

Well I have just got to tell you about those naughty BG's, up to no good again!!

I went to put the dogs in the barn while I went shopping, something caught my eye up on the roof of our tack room!! It was the BG's!! they had heard me talking to the dogs and started calling. They had only escaped from the pen and gone up the stairs to the tack room roof!!

I didn't have chance to get a photo of them looking down at me, but did get them coming back down the stairs, like a pair of naughty children, calling to me!!

They are so funny they make me chuckle all the time. Wonder what they are going to get up to next??

The Naughty BG's (who still havn't got names and happily come to the call of Billie Billie lol



Zanzibah Alpacas said...

What a naughty pair !....full of mischief !....I wonder what they will get up to today ? ....great photo......Jayne

Cotswold Vale Alpacas said...

I know they are so naughty, but it is so funny, you cant help but laugh at them. So far today they have not got up to anything, but the day is still young lol