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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Puppies today??

Well Millie our Jack Russell is fast approaching her due date, and think today maybe the day she has her first litter!! I am shattered, had a really bad night with her, lots of fidgeting, panting, licking and whimpering!! (not had puppies before, kittens and cria but not puppies so this is a first for us, I understand the first stage of labour can be 6 to 18 hours long, so after the night we have had I wouldn't be surprised if they are on their way.

Problem is she wont stay in her whelping box and keeps getting on the settee with me, oh well as long as she is happy she can stay and once she starts delivering we can transfer her back into her box.

Millie on her cushion with her cuddly toy.

Am on my own today so just hope we don't have any cria arriving today as-well!!

After a really bad night I had an even worst start to the morning, my daughter is on holiday so along with all our cats & dogs, we also have her cat (FIFI) holidaying with us, she is our cats kitten from last year (although you can see they are related by looks, Tinky being a brown tabby and her daughter being a silver grey tabby - they do not like each other at all!!)

So we are in a mobile with a dog due to give birth and two cats which really don't want to be in the same room together (and FIFI not being used to the dogs!!) So for safety reasons we were putting FIFI in the dog cage over night so she didn't get beaten up over night by Tinky!! And plus Tinky likes a window open at night so she can come and go as she pleases (so we didn't want FIFI to escape as-well.)

I didn't really like her being shut in the cage, so though it would be nicer for her if she had the run of the 7.5t horse lorry (her own little living area) first night was good, but this morning I went to bring her back in to the mobile, and couldnt find her anywhere!! I thought she couldnt possibly have escaped as all the windows were shut - except the ones in the horse area which had bars on, she couldnt possibly have got through them!! or could she? well Tia our German Shepherd puppy was very interested in something under the lorry!! So I shut the dogs in, got on my hands and knees (not a pretty site!!) and called!! low and behold there was a tiny cry, which got louder and louder and from under the wheel arch crawled FIFI!! omg she had escaped but thankfully she hadnt gone far and was very happy to see me (my daughter would have never forgiven me with we had lost her baby!!)

So what a night and what a start to the day, but alls well that ends well, FIFI is now safe in the mobile, and now its a waiting game to see if Millie produces her puppies today.

Phew I need a cup of tea now, and will then sit, knit and observe and maybe play doggie midwife.

Who knows I may have more news later, just watch this space!!!!!



Mark said...

Gin and tonic, a large one. All will seem much better afterwards!

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Phew ..what a night indeed....I hope those babies start arriving soon....and you have a much more relaxing evening......soon !!....Jayne

Cotswold Vale Alpacas said...

It took all day, but am relieved to say that Millie delivered three gorgeous little puppies by 7pm last night, Mum and Babies doing well. Photos to follow.