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Thursday, 14 July 2011

What a difference a day can make!

After a very stressful 48 hours, I can say that little Whitney has picked up very well (although we are under no illusion that things can change very quickly) but fingers crossed we are on the right path to having a very happy and healthy cria.

After a very worrying day on Tuesday, Wednesday started off with me being very apprehensive to go into the barn and check on Dayna and her baby. But to my relief they were both fine.

After the vet had given her plasma directly into her stomach and antibiotics, I watch over her carefully for any side effects. But the afternoon went well and she seemed to feeding very regular and was bouncing around the pen (at once stage I got quite worried she wouldn't stop and would end up crashing in the fencing!! The vet said to top her up with a bottle a couple of times a day and keep an eye on her weight.

I had intended to keep her and mum in the barn overnight, but mum was getting very stressed about the whole thing of being penned away from the rest of the herd (although they were always in sight) So after a top up bottle I took the decision to let them back out into the field with the herd.

Well I have never seen an alpaca run up the field so fast, and little Whitney was right by her mums side all the way. It was time to get reacquainted with the rest of the herd. Little whitney seemed to be in her element, bouncing around the field with all the other youngsters following behind. This certainly looked a different cria to the day before!!

I spent a good hour watching over her, she was happy to have her freedom and returned several time to mum for some milk.

Again I went to bed worrying if she would be alright and if I had done the right thing letting them back out into the field.

Again I got up this morning wondering if everything was ok, I shouldn't have worried as she was fine, feeding and running around. She has been feeding regular all day and has been very active, she looks like a different cria.

So I feel a lot better going to bed tonight, although I wont be able to relax for quite a while, until I know she is growing and putting on weight like she should be doing.

But I have got to say, thank god we live on site, thank god I am able to sit and watch them which enables me to spot a problem early and take the steps to make it right. I am sure if I was not here, and just visited twice a day I would have missed her problems and we would have lost her.



Judi said...

Little Witney looks gorgeous! Hope she continues in the right direction!

Cotswold Vale Alpacas said...

Thank you Judi, she seems to getting stronger everyday, so we have everything crossed as she is a lovely little cria.