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Sunday, 10 April 2011

Spit Offs and Matings

What a beautiful day today, sunny and warm :) We needed to move some of the alpacas paddocks around, so thought it was a perfect time to bring them all in and do some body scores and spit offs to check who had held the pregnancy through the winter.

Out of 11 all but one definitely spat off!! Some more than others, poor old Cosmo!!

Sadly Cosmo was not going to get the chance to mate the one girly who appeared to have lost her baby during the winter, so wasnt too impressed when he was put back out into his paddock!

We then needed to mate one of the girls who had given birth a couple of weeks ago, it was now Efrons turn to do the business, and without much trouble at all, Cleo dropped down to the floor and off we went, only problem being in their 2nd year of fleece it was very difficult to part the fleece out the way and make sure this were in the right place!! if you know what I mean, but being as professional as Efron is there was no problem, so we left them to get on with it.

Toya who had lost during the winter was then introduced to Ewen, again she went straight down, so that obviously proved she wasnt pregant as normally she's a real spitter and a kicker. Much easier this time to see things were in the right place, so again left them in peace to get on with it.

Then it was the job of getting them all back in the correct paddocks, but that wasnt too difficult with the offer of fresh grass on offer.

So they are all now happily grazing and sunbathing. :)

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