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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Cosmo Update

Cosmo is still lame, but he is on the mend, he seemed to have had something in his pad, which after poultucing has soften it and brought it to a head and has now burst, all the pus has come away (not very nice, but he is much better now the pressure has eased).

So we are now keeping it open to drain and syringing it out with hibiscrub to clean it out and then spraying it with antibiotic spray.

Hopefully the worst is over and he will soon be back out in the main boys paddock reinstating his top place.

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Cotswold Vale Alpacas said...

Well it has taken a bit longer than we thought it would, but Cosmo is now much better. He is now running away from me instead of hopping!! Think I have a lot of bribry to make it up to him, thank goodness he's such a kind boy and easy to handle.

Well at the weekend Cosmo still had some swelling in his foot, so after more poultucing the absess has burst out in another spot, so we now have three spots it has burst!! Not a pretty site!! Like squeezing a huge zit and all the puss popping out.
But on the good side this hole is above the first one so it meant we had an in and out hole so we could wash it out better and it drained the puss straight out, this has seemed to help it heal a lot quicker. It doesnt sound nice but the trick is to keep the holes open to encourage the puss to drain out, just a little amount left can start the hole thing over again!! (thank goodness for my experience with the horses, I think I would have found this quite an ordeal otherwise!!) And then hopefully he can go back out in the big paddock with his mates very soon.