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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

What a Difference Today!!

What a difference today is from yesterday, horrendous wind and rain!!  But today the mild weather is back with us its really mild and the sun is shinning, a huge difference from yesterday!  The grass is still growing (although we don't have loads) you can tell its still coming as the Alpacas are eating less of the hay.

I have just moved them all around this morning to give them some more grass, they do love changing fields, and that will be the last of I see of them down in the main field until tea-time, can still see them but in the distance.

Coming to Hay!!  hopefully with this prolonged fairly mild weather we won't be using as much, boy oh boy is it expensive!!  I am paying double what I was 2/3 years ago!!  And I am not sure if its my imagination but I think my small bales have shrunk!!!  is it possible to change the size of bales you make!! ??

I know probably quite a dumb question.  But I think its like everything these days somewhere along the line manufacturers manage to shrink the product and still make people think they are a getting a bargain (but in fact they are getting less for their money!!)

Example: Tin of Roses - I have an empty tin from last year (keeping doggy treats in) and the weight is 975g and I am sure I paid £5 for it.  This year the tin holds 850g for £5 - so same price but less for your money!! (sorry I know Roses are a luxury item but its the only thing I have available to compare and prove my thinking)

And now to mobile phone bills!  I thought if you signed up for a contract you were safe in the knowledge that the only additional charges would be if you overspend your minutes/text or phone chargeable numbers so that's down to you being careful.  But on no we just got a text from Orange saying they are putting up our contract charge!! even though we still have a year to run on the contract.  And you can't get out of it (its in the small print - and yes like everyone I didn't see that in the small print!!)

But back on a lighter note - our BG's lol still being naughty and still making me laugh :-)

Butter wouldn't melt! Ronnie & Roxy having a snooze.

Up to their old tricks "Oh dear!! caught on the roof again!!"

"Quick get down the stairs, mum is coming!" - too late she's got us on camera!

Naughty BG's still up to their naughty tricks and still making me laugh :-)


Inthesky said...

Ronnie and Roxy are so cute, I just showed Euan and he had a chuckle! Naughty girls. The paler goat has an endearing little smile :) x Butter wouldn't melt! My Dad laughs at me and my photographic memory for prices! He still takes the mickey about my comment on the price of 'Budgie' Millet increasing 200%, good job Bob the Budgie does not have a large appetite!

Rosemary said...

Yes, you can change the size of the bales! We do it frequently - and completely unintentionally!! We have mini ones, massive 2 bale size ones and all sizes in between!! (have to watch out for those Roses tins this year - maybe there are more in the Quality Street?!)

Cotswold Vale Alpacas said...

Yes I thought as much Rosemary, Not too impressed am paying the farmer more for smaller bales!! does make me sound a bit obsessive over weights and measure lol but every penny counts and so does every slice of hay!

Lucy you will have to come over for another visit sometime and catch up with these naughty BG's