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Sunday, 27 November 2011

AD& E (confused!!)

A question?  Do you give AD & E to all alpacas? (Adult, weanlings & Cria)  or is just the Cria who should have it?

I have been doing all of mine, but someone told me they only do their cria.

So what do I do?  The bottle from the vet only gives me the amount for cria.  Last year we used paste, but got to the end of December and sadly had a little female cria go down with rickets, even though I had been giving them the paste monthly since the end of September!   So on the advice of the vet changed to injections.

So any info on who I give it to mostly gratefully recieved.




Judi said...

I think the injectable is supposed to be more effective than the paste. We uised paste one year but it's just as quick to inject and you know they get it all! We ADE all our animals every month from October through until April and do our cria at a week, then again at a month. The cria have just half a ml whereas the adults have 1.5ml. We give our mothers an ADE, as a boost after birthing, when we give it to the crias.

Jenny said...

Hi Ginnie,

We pasted for many years and find injections more effective and certain. In winter, we give cria ADE every month up to 1ml for the darker colours.

Adults every 8-10 weeks with ADE. Two years ago we had two of our densest adults slightly lame on alternate legs which we put down to very early rickets, before this regime. We are concerned about Vitamin A and our females pregnancies, so it is a balancing act. New evidence shows that people living north of Birmingham have to be particularly careful about vitamin D levels.

Cheers, Jenny