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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Does she know something we don't?

Still can't work out whats going on with our little Zeus!!  Yesterday seemed to be a good day, he grazed most of the day with the others and nibbled on the hay at tea-time, his poo is still a little hit and miss, not quite what it should be but has improved a lot since last week.  So I felt happier with him last night.

This morning were on a downer again, there was nothing runny this morning on the poo spot in the barn, and when I watched him go outside it was only a small amount, not runny but not formed pellets!  But he did seemed a bit quieter this morning, I gave him his milk/yogurt and checked his temperature which was 39 so seems to be normal for him.

He wandered off as normal with the herd to their usual starting point of the day and promptly sat down! with the binoculars I could see he was nibbling around him as seemed to be a routine with him now.  So didn't worry too much, once I had finished clearing the barn I went back out to check on him.  The rest of the herd had moved on up into the field by the road, again this is their usual routine.

But he was still sat in the same spot, which was unusual, he always kept up with the herd!  But what was even more unusual was that his mum was still with him, and this is very unusual, she normally doesn't take much notice of him grazing with the herd and not usually taking much notice of where he is.

So I started to walk up to check on him, halfway up the field he spotted me and jumped up, mum moved on into the next field and he followed.  He grazed for a few minutes and then sat down again.

Its not really much different from other days, so there is not much change in him, but I can't help worrying.  Does him mum also have a feeling, does she sense something, does she know something I don't?  Oh god I just wish I had a magic ball and could see exactly what is going on!!.

Along with Zeus I am now worrying about one of our jack russells, midgey is our oldest dog and she is about 12 years old.  The last year or so she has slowed down a lot, not wanting to come up the fields with the others, and happy just to sleep most of the time.  She hates the winter and almost goes into hibernation mode.

But she always rushes out with the others to get her breakfast, yesterday she was different, she didn't come out, I called her but she didn't come out, so I went to get her otherwise the others would eat all the meat and she would get none. I picked her up and put her down by her bowl, but she just walked away and got back under her duvet, very strange.

All the dogs live in our tack room in the barn, and it wasn't unusual for her to stayed snuggled under her big duvet during the winter, but when Tony goes out at night to put the to bed they all get some gravy bones as a treat before bedtime, they all love these especially midgey.  But last night she didn't come out from under the duvet and didn't want her biscuit, Tony bought her into the mobile as he was worried about her, we decided to keep her in over night so got her a cosy box to sleep in.

Now normally if the dogs come into the mobile they head straight for the cats dishes to see what they can pinch, but she didn't even do that, she just sat in her bed and went back to sleep.  This morning she has gone out for a toilet and did manage a little meat, but still seems to be a bit down.  Her temperature is fine and she is drinking.

She has just been in season, so I am not sure if it is a bit of doggy pmt! so will see how she goes this morning and if not brighter will have to visit the vets.

Oh dear these animals we love them but oh boy do they worry us.

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Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...

Your house sounds very like ours; if it isn't an alpaca then it is a dog we have to worry about...if it is any consolation you are not alone...if only they could really talk to us, instead of keeping us quessing!