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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Debate!! Do we or dont we need to live on site with our Alpacas??

I have a question for Alpaca breeders.  I believe a new planning guidance document states that Alpaca breeders do not need to live on site in order to care for their animals?

I know from my experience where I stand on this.  What do other breeders think, what is your experience?  I would like to here boths side to this story.

Please let me know



Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...

That's fine until you have a problem...a sick cria...a dam who hasn't read the text book and births during the night...bottle feeding. We have had them all this year and I know where we needed to be...on site!

Judi said...

You need to be close at hand even outside of birthing times. Weanlings caught in the fence, a "down" alpaca or an injury...all need to spotted and dealt with quickly if the alpaca is to have the best chance.

Then there's the alpaca who needs medication 3 times a day...we had one last year who needed ointment and drops for a serious corneal ulcer, plus we had to keep a close eye that it remained protected from dust and sunlight...it took 3 months to heal and we couldn't have dealt with it unless we were onsite.

Angie said...

Absolutely, you need to be on site! How else are you going to catch any emergency issues early enough to have a change of successfully dealing with them.

Then of course there is any medication needed and what about actually getting to know your animals so that you can spot if there is a problem?