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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy and Time flys By!

Another very busy week with very little time to stop and blog!

We had our very first Craft Fayre on Sunday with mixed results! For the very first time we took two of our boys out to meet the public and to sell some of our alpaca hand-made items.

We took Cosmo and Ewen who are two of our stud males, they were amazing and so well behaved, lots of people enjoyed getting up close and personal to the boys and enjoyed having a feel of their fleece.

There were lots of people enjoying a sunny day out, but not too many people buying, I did ok selling two of my felted bags and several smaller items, but my sister and many of the other stall holders didn't have many sales :-(

Here is a photo of Cosmo with one of his many admirers, Jayne is a very huge fan of Alpacas.

Our next trip out will be on 3rd September to a Charity Fun Day, so we are looking forward to this.

We had some lovely visitors yesterday who came along to meet the Alpacas and look at their fleece, I am sure they enjoyed their visit and went home with a gorgeous fleece, I know they will enjoy spinning it and make some lovely items from it. For more about their visit you can go to: Lucy 'in the Sky' - "A Real Alpaca Adventure"  where Lucy has done a brilliant account with photos of their visit to Cotswold Vale Alpacas.

Well I must get back to work down on the Alpaca Farm so until next time, bye for now.

Ginnie :-)


Rosemary said...

Cosmo looks very relaxed, Ginnie!
Well done with the sales!

Rosemary said...

I have just looked at the link to Lucy's blog - not suprised you sold bags - they are lovely!
. . . and I wish I could have one of those kittens!

Cotswold Vale Alpacas said...

Thanks Rosemary first of many sales fingers crossed x yes Cosmo was very chilled he loves attention and is happy for people to touch him, Ewen is not so sure about it all but is getting better.

Rosemary thank you for your comment, I am really pleased with my bags, and everyone is different and seem to be going down very well, and the kittens are adorable as is their mum who is a super mum and is supporting all six amazingly. I have been very hard when it comes to weaning as I would keep them all!