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Monday, 28 March 2011

The babies are doing well and Now the Boys are fighting

Today started of quite cold, but this afternoon has been lovely. But I hate to say it BUT!! we need some rain!! The grass could do with a drink, especially the over seeding we done the other week. I'm afraid my hose pipe wont cover 5 acres!! The babies are doing really well, and have settled well into the smaller paddock, they have been introduced to the last years babies who have been away from their mummy's for three weeks now and they are all very happy and settled. We did have a bit of a scare last night with the little boy, some how he managed to squeeze through the slip rails and got into the big boys paddock!! Luckily being on site and able to see all the paddocks and fields from my mobile home window I noticed before he came to any harm, phew!! As one of the big boys was taking quite an interest in him, so it was very useful that I could open the bottom rail and get him back in - so it has now been blocked up so the little rascal cant escape again. Spring is in the air and the big boys now realising as two babies have been born, there are a couple of future matings and they are now doing lots of posing, pushing and shoving. They have been together all of their lives, and have generally got on very well. They have had their fighting teeth seen too, so there shouldn't be any harm done. But again the benefit of monitoring everything from my window, I noticed that the youngest of the three was getting quite a bullying, there was lots of screaming and spitting and he was down on the floor, so I had to intervene and get him out of the paddock, luckily it was made easier by the slip rails, again I could open the lower rails and push him out into the main field, while the top rails stopped the bully from getting through at the same time. He is now on his own in the main field, but this is surrounded by the smaller paddocks so he can see all the girls and the other boys, hopefully he will be happy, will just have to monitor how it goes. Never a dull day down on the farm, but thankfully we are here on site to keep an eye on everyone and sort problems out before they become to difficult or dangerous. Well that's it for today, all the alpacas are happily grazing and I must get the tea!!


Cotswold Vale Alpacas said...

Oh sorry have just looked at that post, and forgot the paragrahs, so its a bit long winded!!

Cotswold Vale Alpacas said...

Thought I was going mad!! tried three times to edit the first post, to get the paragraphs in, but it wouldnt work!!