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Saturday, 24 December 2011


Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas, may you eat, drink and be merry.  And I hope you get everything you have wished for.

Love & Best wishes from all at Cotswold Vale Alpacas xx

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Wealthy, Well Off, Rich ???

How do you define being wealthy, well off, rich?  well in our case it is not how much we have in the bank!! Because there is very little in there!!

Having sunk all our savings into living our dream, we feel we are well off in many other areas.  Its not easy living in a mobile home with limited space, and many people said we had gone mad!!  but the view from our window makes up for the loss of our marbles and lack of space.  We have invested in our dreams as we didn't want to go to our graves thinking "If Only we had.........!!"

But we do feel we are "Well Off" - we are doing something we had dreamed of, we have lots of adoring animals (even if its their tummy's they loves us for) and most of all we have a close and loving family.

We have loving daughters, son, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, future son-in-law and two amazing/gorgeous grandchildren.  (and that's just our little family unit) and then there is the rest of our family.

I think in a time which is extremely hard on finances we must all remember how lucky we are, that our love and our time is free to give. (yes I know that children don't see it that way, but one of the best gifts we can give them is to teach them the value of money, giving and receiving.) 

And how can I forget my very favorite girls - The BG's - still as always making me smile.

Here is Roxy helping herself to Rica's hay, even though the hay racks are all full in the barn.  She even caught hold of the hay net with her leg to stop it moving around, so clever never stop amazing me, so, so funny.

And here they are with Ewen one of our Stud Males.

And a big job we have been trying to get done for ages, when we design the barn I wanted both ends open, but didn't realise the builder was going to leave the opening so big! and we have the wind and rain blowing in, after a lot of talking and changing our minds, we finally decided we would drop the sheeting down and then put some covered gates so we could shut it in. is to fill in the end of the barn to stop the wind and rain blowing in.  Here are photos of the first stages of dropping the sheeting (before and after)

Next stage will be the sheeted gates!

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Busy Few Days

Well I am back on the farm after a very busy few days!!  I left my youngest daughter and husband in charge of all the animals and spent a couple of days with my eldest daughter and my gorgeous grandchildren : -)

Callum is 2years 9 mnths and Ava Lou was 1 years old yesterday (10th Dec)

So on Thursday it was off to buy Ava Lou's very first shoes, she has started to walk, just a few steps but is getting better everyday and soon will be running everywhere!!

Then on Friday it was Callum's pre-school Christmas party at soft play.  

Here is Callum, Ava, Mummy and Cookie the Bear 

Then Saturday was Ava Lou's first birthday

Here she is in her party dress with her big brother.

And the very proud Grandparents : -) xx

We are very proud of our gorgeous grandchildren, they make us smile, they make us laugh and light up our loves :-) xx

It was a very busy couple of days, but I loved every minute.

And got back home and all the animals had been well looked after and I don't even think they had missed me!

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Scam Warning!! Please read and pass on

Not a blog from me, just passing on someone elses experience to help STOP another SCAM!!


Please read and pass on where ever you can, lets stop these people taking advantage of hard work people trying to promote and build up a business.



Thursday, 1 December 2011

Busy Knitting

I have got to say knitting wouldn't have been top of my list of things to do, but over the last year have surprised myself and managed to produce some quite nice stuff (even if I say it myself!) AND even managed to sell some of it as well (Bonus!!)

Well here is a few of my latest achievements

New Born Baby Hat, Mitten & Booties

And my favourite - little slippers

I quite enjoyed knitting the baby items, they didn't take too long and are so, so cute :-)

But my favourate of all the items I have made is my felted bags, I love doing these.  They are easy to make and I always can't wait to see how they turn out, as they all turn out different and unique.

Well I am sure with the winter coming in fast! I will have lots of time to sit and knit.  And gain lots more experience and hopefully produce lots more lovely items for gorgeous alpaca wool.