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Monday 16 December 2013

Merry Christmas for the girls and boys

Where has this year gone!!  Just can't keep up.  The Alpacas have had a good year and we have some stunning cria this year.

We have now got our planning to build our new farmhouse and an additional barn, which is amazing, can't believe we have done it!!  We are looking forward to starting work in the Spring.

And some of the Alpacas have become stars in a music video,


So we are all wishing everyone a very Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.

Monday 22 July 2013


Just a quick blog but its a question if anyone can help.

I have a female who gave birth 10 days ago, lovely strong female cria who is thriving.  Normal delivery and placenta came away in tack.

Now the question????  Could she still be pregnant?????

She still seemed quite big after having the cria, and her sides didn't suck in like they normally do, but I though she would slim down after a couple of days and become a more normal size.

But yesterday I was checking them all out and this girl looks pregnant, and looks like she has got bigger after giving birth, and actually looks bigger than when she had her cria!!  She is even walking like she is pregnant!  Her overall body score I would say is a 3 so I wouldn't class her as fat, just has a huge belly.

Even my husband though she was pregnant, he was very confused when he saw a cria feeding from her!  I had pointed out the two still due to deliver of which one is a Suri girl and the other a light fawn.  (This girl is a dark brown) so this confused him even more!

Have spoken to the Vet, he seems to thinks its highly unlikely she is pregnant, if she is it is unlikely it will alive and has said we will have to wait and see (he's not experienced alpaca vet, my normal vet is away until Friday)

Today my daughter came up and we caught hold of her to exam her, she got very upset and was screaming and spitting which is very unlike her.  We both felt we could something but unsure as she wouldn't stand still long enough, we also though we could see movement.  Also when she is sitting she is bulging out the back like they do when they are heavily pregnant.

She was mated three times as she sat after her first two matings, we took the last mating date for gauging the delivery date, and by this date the cria was born at 328 days which for this girl is early, she normally goes around 350.  If we used the first mating date the cria would have been born at 349 days more like her.

So is it possible she did catch first mating? and then again on the 2nd or 3rd mating, which in fact would now make her between 328 & 335 days!

Has anyone else heard of this happening?  Have found one which gave birth to a second cria 6 days after the first.

Rather confused and worried, I suppose only way of confirming is having her scanned.